Buttery Breakfast Casserole

The word “buttery” in the title refers to croissants, which make an especially rich foundation for this golden-topped baked breakfast classic. Toasting the croissants before […]

Miso-and-Apple-Glazed Baked Ham

Ingredients 1 sirloin end ham, spiral-sliced or unsliced, 7 to 8 pounds, preferably without added nitrates or water ½ cup white miso 2 tablespoons apple […]

Turnip Gratin

A turnip gratin can be a rich, creamy affair, but this lighter version made with low-fat milk is equally delicious and comforting. When you use […]

Mushroom Tart

If you have made the mushroom ragoût, this tart is quickly assembled. You need about 2 cups of the ragoût for the filling. Ingredients 1 […]

Home/Made Mushroom Lasagna

Ingredients ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil or herb oil 6 large shallots, peeled and minced 1 ½ pounds mushrooms, wild or best available oyster, shiitake, […]

Fennel, Kale and Rice Gratin

Two types of greens provide delicious contrast in this comforting yet light dish, which is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a festive side. It’s […]

Cheese Soufflé

I swoon at a well-made cheese soufflé, a dish that nobody seems to make anymore. When I was learning to cook, that soufflé seemed like […]